Tour It Now, a 3D Tour company and marketing service provider, has worked with countless event spaces in the past few years from auditoriums to wedding spaces. When we talk to event managers or the venue marketing team, there are general themes that come up in our discussion.

Ready to explore the booking challenge? It is so important that there is an online presence with unique or stunning visuals to grab people’s attention. We know clients are looking for a memorable experience. They need to visualize their guests remembering their specific event. They want to stand out among their peers, colleagues, or family. We are human and want to be remembered! The solution starts with your website. What have you created to build their expectations and experience? Did you hire a professional photographer/videographer?

Building Client Expectations

2019 customers have high expectations in this digital age. Don’t fall behind. It’s vital to differentiate yourself in this highly competitive industry. If you add the right imagery and visuals, it truly is a game changer. There is tons and tons of data to prove that digital appealing photos are a great way to excite your audience. That is great news. However, it may not be a true depiction of all areas of the space even with the best photos. What analytics can you pull as far as reach and engagement? With 3D Interactive Tours, the engagement inspires people to reach out and you get data to show results.

Here are some examples from our Tour It Now library to showcase different event space interactive tours.

Adding a 3D Interactive Tour has proven to increase engagement over 400%. Let that sink in for a moment. People get a realistic experience and know exactly what to expect from the space. The tool allows the user to walk through the space and go anywhere they choose. There are different views including detailed floor plans which are great for planning purposes.

Produce Better Qualified Leads

Let’s talk about getting better qualified leads, as this is one of the top challenges for event venues to overcome. Here are some simple suggestions that you can implement immediately for quick results. Listing space and package pricing on your website is truly valuable. This creates real expectations. People typically already have a budget in mind. Why complicate this process? It only creates more questions and takes up more valuable time. The results of not listing your pricing may get your venue passed over or not booked because the budget does not align once they have had a chance to talk to the booking manager.

Now we complete the easy qualifying process. Adding a “virtual walk-through” and pricing, you have set complete expectations for your clients before they reach out to you. When they do, you know you have a qualified client ready to book!


Marketing ROI and Results

What is the ROI of adding this newer technology to a marketing strategy? This is the question on most business owners’ minds when presented with this marketing tool. Event venues typically have a marketing budget, which evolves annually, changing where they spend to stay ahead of competitors. There are two case studies that I will share with you. One of the case studies shows a 15% annual revenue increase with booked events. That was an additional $90k in revenue! It also shows a 20:1 ROI ratio when adding video marketing. Traditional professional photos alone cannot produce these kind of numbers. In the Kapow case study, you see 200% more website page views and 400% more time spent on the website.

  • Increased engagement by 4.5x and accelerated booking results.
  • Clear expectations of the venue
  • Website traffic and time engaged is increased
  • Happy event managers booking with higher quality leads
  • Potential bookings straight from the website
  • Event venue owners seeing ROI on their marketing efforts

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Patricia Purcell, Marketing Manager www.TourItNow.com

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