Everyone is online shopping for whatever they are looking for from makeup to rental properties. Visual marketing is playing the absolute biggest role in attracting clients to your leasing properties. With the right high-quality engaging visuals, it gives you the ability to secure a lease faster and get top dollar over competitors. This is not a should, but a must in today’s market.

There are some definite strategies to consider for property management companies to do effective visual marketing. Who is not on social media? Sure, some people that want to get off the grid and prefer the company of squirrels and raccoons. It’s obvious they are not your target demographic, although we could learn some interesting things, I’m sure. You need visually stimulating media that can be easily shared and promoted across different social media channels. So, think about what “story” or experience you want to create when choosing the right visuals. Are you appealing to the family, millennials, empty nesters, or the traveling corporate professional that need convenience? Knowing what your demographic will be searching for and to find you specifically is very important. Not to mention, your ranking goes up across many online platforms when you share rich media.

What adding a 3D Virtual Tour can do for your marketing

Adding a 3D virtual tour is really a great way to allow people to experience your listed lease property. The 3D tour shows very clear floor plans from either the floor plan view or dollhouse view, offers many pictures that showcase any amenities and upgrades the property may have, and the interactive factor of virtually walking through the property. Making this an invaluable promotional tool. There is even a feature that Matterport® provides called Mattertags®. You have the capability of adding specific text tags, pictures, or even video.

The 3D virtual tours alone create more qualified leads that know what to expect. It may even cut down on unnecessary tours where the clients know what they are looking for in terms of size, amenities, and feel. They can make a decision immediately based on meeting their criteria.

To get really techie for those property management companies that have several properties that they manage, Virtual Reality 3D tours can be offered through products like Oculus Go. People love to engage with futuristic gadgets, and you create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Click on the tour below for a true experience!



The amazing benefits to adding a 3D Virtual Tour

  • Shareable content to use across many different online platforms
  • Increase online ranking and SEO
  • Engaging virtual walkthrough
  • Increase chances of leasing online and saving time for property managers
  • Set client expectations
  • Initiating part of the qualifying process
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • You can use with Virtual Reality tech
  • 3D tours are great for millennials to any age because they are very easy to navigate.





Patricia Purcell, Marketing Manager www.TourItNow.com

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