Home builders are excited to showcase their new builds with virtual tours and virtual reality technology

There are so many marvelous options for home buyers to get into new housing developments throughout the country. In order to reach home buyers, builders are reliant on their marketing strategies to inspire folks to walk through their models. There are quite a few home builders that have adopted 3D virtual tours as part of their visual marketing strategy.

We know that 92% of home shopping starts online. 3D virtual tours are used on the MLS, websites, and shared on social media. Adding this marketing technology greatly increases the opportunity to capture home buyers online, and building an experience that far exceeds traditional photos or video. Another tremendous benefit to adding a 3D virtual tour is, builders are reaching out-of-state clients expanding their potential for buyers exponentially.

The use of VR tech can be a game changer for exploring multiple floor plans, showcase upgrades to choose personalized options, and people get a unique unforgettable experience. These 3D tours can be used with a viewer such as Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Lenovo Mirage Solo, or there are other great options.

Virtual reality and 3D virtual tours are a builders dream come true! Reach buyers and assist them in a dream home buying experience. Everyone benefits with something so simple and affordable. The home developer invests little for a large return between engagement, reallocate or less spend for marketing dollars, reach more buyers, and increase potential sales.

Click on the New Residence Model example below.

New Residence

Could 3D Virtual Tours Replace the Need to Build Every Model?

There are some marketing experts, specific to home builders, that have seen over 42 plans for different models for example. Technology in the virtual space is growing leaps and bounds. Ultimately, this could truly eliminate and replace the need to build every plan with architecturally accurate 3D tours.

There are many home builders throughout the country that are already onboard and using 3D virtual tours as a standard for their marketing efforts. Seeing how effective the interaction and reach to a wide audience is right now, this is definitely heading in the direction of a standard marketing strategy just as traditional photos and videos have been in the past.





Don’t be afraid to try something effective, technology based, and affordable.

There are companies that embrace new technologies and others that fear change. There are too many home buyers online to stick to old methods. Don’t be left behind in this high-tech visual marketing age where experience is everything. What is selling faster, building less models, and engaging with customers nationwide and beyond worth?

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