Matterport Virtual Tours are no longer a hidden secret for those looking to add insanely effective visual marketing to reach new audiences and increase sales. We have seen the virtual tours utilized by so many different industries that the possibilities are truly endless. People have not only caught on, but now pioneering unique uses.

New Home Builder

Home builders are using the virtual tours to have the ability to increase their showings of the model homes and standing inventory. Imagine someone in North Carolina wanting to check out new builds in a specific area, but live across the country. They get to walk through the model home using their smart phone, tablet, or computer to get a realistic view of the interior of the home. The homebuilder has the option of having Mattertags that will showcase specific features and options people can choose.

Some builders have figured out having something like an Oculus Go headset available for their sales team is a great conversion tool. They are loaded with all their tours of other models or other communities providing an engaging fun tech experience at a model home grand opening.

The links get shared across the MLS, social media platforms, open house “thanks for stopping” by texts, emailed to a database, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist; it really is limitless!

Restoration Company

Restoration Company Benefitting from 3D Tours

Restoration companies are using it for measurements and documentation purposes. Think about an emergency call coming in and the restoration company goes to the site immediately to assess and estimate what needs to be done. The accuracy of measurement is 99%. A very precise estimation of costs and next steps are then communicated to the client and insurance company. This is far better than just pictures or video alone and can ultimately save everyone thousands of dollars. Everything can be tagged utilizing the Mattertags feature to document damage or where to put furnishings back once the project is complete.

When thinking about a company to use when a disaster happens, who wouldn’t choose a company that is using the latest technology to bring costs down and increase accuracy of the project? Companies are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Museums Increasing Donation Traffic

Let’s talk about museums and how 3D tours are beneficial to their constant needs. Many museums are non-profits that are used as event spaces, education, and a space to maintain history. There is constant need for donations, benefactors, volunteers, and partnerships. When Matterport virtual tours are added to their marketing efforts, museums are able to reach different goals outside of just increasing museum traffic. Visibility is achieved on so many levels increasing opportunity for outside income to stream in from many different sources. 

Museum of Illusions Hollywood

Colleges and Universities Increase Admissions

Colleges and universities have a strategic opportunity to allow potential students to walk the campus and have an engaging experience that can happen at any time of the day without an expensive trip across the country! This is a unique way for college admissions to increase student applicants and help families make decisions. 

Universities have been utilizing the tours to showcase engineering labs, medical teaching facilities, art centers, etc. to reach out to other potential clients that may pay for access to certain parts of the schools. It may sound simple, but many have found this tech tool to be an invaluable marketing strategy.

Here are a couple articles that share some great studies and information.




Patricia Purcell, VP of Business Development 


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