First of all, thank you for trusting us to help you market your properties during these times. We truly care about your clients, you, and our employees. During this last week, we temporarily stopped servicing everyone to better prepare how we would handle everything going forward. We’re now ready to continue, but with limited staff and availability. Over time, we anticipate opening up our availability. Please see below the extra steps we’re taking, and what we’re requesting from you, to ensure everyones safety during these times. 

Additional precautions our 3D photographers will take:

  • They will wear a cloth mask.
  • They will sanitize their hands prior to and after touching any door handles.
  • They will practice social distancing.

Additional precautions we request you or homeowners to do:

  • Turn on ALL lights in the property (to prevent from our photographer touching light switches)
  • Leave all doors open for rooms to be scanned (to prevent from our photographers touching door knobs)
  • The property is to be free of people while our photographers are on site. Provide lockbox info for access,  or leave a door unlocked. (We’ll text when we’re done).

By these simple actions, we can ensure to help prevent the spread of this. 

We look forward to helping you and we look forward for this to go away. 


Carlos Hernandez

CEO / Chief 3D Photographer 

Tour It Now Inc.