Airbnb started a new pilot program called Sonoma Select. The program as its name suggests is for the select, most hospitality-driven Airbnb hosts. Their rooms run $281 on average. Their hosts are accustomed to providing excellent service to their guests with impeccable reviews and notable amenities such as a guidebook, bottle of wine, bath products and freshly made scones. In this new pilot, Airbnb is looking to engage more sophisticated guests. As they embark on this upscale hospitality segment, Airbnb partners with Matterport. The Matterport 3D model invites potential guests to take an interactive virtual tour of the property and book on the spot. According to Oren Tversky, VP of business development for Matterport, the average site user spends 3X more time engaging with properties with 3-D tours than those without.

Airbnb is not the only vacation rental company starting to integrate the use of Matterport 3D tours to showcase their listings. Vacasa, a property management company for vacation rentals which focuses heavily on the latest technology to market their listings, has invested a substantial amount into Matterport. Vacasa currently has 3D tours on over 50% of their rental listings.

Local San Diego County vacation rental companies are also keeping a close eye on this technology and starting to utilize it to lure vacationers to their beachfront rentals. Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals (beachfrontonly.com) in San Diego county now includes a 3D tour for its potential customers to see the space when they’re getting ready to book.

Unlike Airbnb, Vacasa and Beachfront are not only providing the 3D tours for their select, high end rentals, but for all ranges of rental units.

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Check out the Airbnb rental with Matterport below.


Airbnb Tests Hotel-Style Packaging and Amenities in Sonoma, CA