Meet the Zomalight

Developed from the ground up to fill the room with even lighting for the latest Matterport Pro3 Camera system.


A Patent pending custom lighting solution for the Matterport Pro3. We developed this for our team to use, we build and assemble them ourselves. We know there is a need greater than our Tour It Now Team, so Pre-Orders will open on March 2.

This will also help us determine if there is demand, and we can scale from there. 

Note: The housing is manufactured using additive manufacturing with PETG and will have minor texture and cosmetic blemishes which do not affect its performance.

Introductory Price: $199.99 +tax (limited units available at this price)

Currently only shipping within the U.S.A. 

Included Features
  • Zomalight for Pro3
  • 7 (seven), 5 Watt LED for lighting the entire capture area during scanning
  • 18650 Batteries – 4 required to operate
  • Built in fan to keep electronics cool
  • Battery Charger for 18650 batteries
  • 1 Amp Fuse
  • Low voltage cutoff to extend rechargeable battery life
  • Battery life: Approx 2 hours. 
  • More batteries can be ordered directly from our supplier. ( 
  • Model: EVE 26V 18650 2550mAh 7.5A Button Top Battery


Different Lighting methods were used to scan this home. See below.

As a Matterport Service Partner with over 9 years in the industry, we’ve learned what’s required for the job and have pushed every camera to its limits. The new PRO3 is no exception and during testing, we’ve developed a lighting system specifically for the new design of the PRO3 to ensure you and your customers can see and measure clearly, even when surrounded by darkness. Particular industries where lack of lighting is experienced are Insurance restoration, fire damage, construction sites, foreclosures, or simply no power, this lighting system will let you see clearly and show you the way.