Teaming up with our Photographer Collaborative

The industry is changing and expectations are rising for engaging online visual marketing. It is important to stay ahead of competitors. The right collaboration can do just that for your business.

Tour It Now, Inc. is your Matterport provider. We have 3D Matterport photographers that deliver 3D tours straight to you. Your client remains your client. The photographer collaborative has been developed to increase your offerings and revenue without the added expense of purchasing a Matterport camera, added scanning process, member account and additional fees that come with being a provider or the training time it takes to fully utilize all the features that are continuously being updated.

We are excited to team up with professional photographers, like you, offering quality still photos, video, and drone services to expand our packages to offer to our clients. You may receive regional project requests as we work with clients looking for your type of services in southern California.

Why should I join the program?

We’re glad you asked, it wouldn’t be much of a team if it wasn’t a win win for everyone.

  1. Every time you book a 3D Matterport tour or other product we offer for your clients, you get paid for the services delivered. We offer you a special rate and you invoice your clients adding your agency/service fee. Typically, 15% on average. You get the 3D Matterport and other items delivered to you. This way, the 3D Matterport tour deliverables are coming from your business.
  2. You have the opportunity to be part of our network, so when clients reach out to us for photography products in your area, we refer the projects to you. (Limited spaces) 
  3. Marketing materials are provided, this makes it easy for you to gain more business simply by helping your current customers.
  4. You keep your clients! We’ll both sign a confidentiality and non-solicitation agreement to ensure you feel comfortable booking the 3D tours for your clients.


Who’s Tour It Now, Inc.?

Tour It Now has been operating in several regions throughout southern California for the past few years building a network within real estate and other industries. We are an online visual marketing solutions and services provider offering 3D Matterport tours, single property sites, easily shared links for the MLS and social media platforms, 2D floor plans and other social media services.

Our current clients consist of residential & commercial real estate, property management, property restoration & insurance companies, home builders, vacation rentals & resorts, and event venues. In the next few years, we will be expanding into more regions and industries.

We pride ourselves in providing superb quality services to our clients. Matterport 3D is what we do best. Our 3D Matterport photographers are professional and insured. In the post scan production stage, we photograph and label every room of the house and sequence the stills. The products we deliver is a 3D tour, photos taken from the tour, 2D floor plan, and easily shared links that are branded, non-branded, plus a single property site. We have the ability to add Mattertags® to showcase amenities and upgrades to the property. We’re the most experienced Matterport 3D tour provider servicing San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties.

How we support

We are here to support your marketing efforts and increase business. Marketing materials are available for you to email to your clients or incorporate into your packages. You will have access to a case study, PowerPoint presentation, flyer, and promo videos to use for sales purposes.

You will be provided a specific code to use when booking your client’s 3D Matterport tours on our online calendar.

How it works

In a few steps, you’ll be on your way to increasing your revenue, offer a new product line, and stay up-to-date with technology while keeping more of your clients. 

  1. Fill out the sign up form HERE
  2. Send W-9 to – Subject line – Photographer Collaborative
  3. Upon approval of your sign up form, you will receive an independent contractor agreement / confidentiality agreement / and non-solicitation agreement. 
  4. After completion of the forms, you will receive a booking code to use when you book a 3D tour, this will ensure your tours and clients are tracked for proper payment. You will also have access to our marketing materials folder so you can begin to market 3D tours to your clients without the cost of purchasing additional equipment or the headache of maintaining it. 
  5. Tour It Now, Inc., will add you to the Preferred provider list for your area. (Space is limited and will fill based on a first come basis). We inform you of job requests in your area and they are referred to you!