Adaptations and Lamentations

December 4, 2021 - February 28, 2022. Savidan Gallery - 555 West Turney Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

A new exhibition by David Baird opens December 4 at the Savidan Gallery. Featured are over 80 individual works all on display through the end of February, 2022.

In the exhibition “Adaptations and Lamentations,” Baird maintains that amidst this Covid crisis society is going through massive shifts—shifts in our values, focus and behavior. It is during these moments that opportunity for meaningful change exists. Many of us have spent the past year evaluating who we are, what we are doing, and why we do it. It has provided a moment of reflection and an occasion to reconstruct our lives. The humble pizza box is used as a metaphor to explore the changes, challenges and opportunities we all face as we mourn our losses and strive to construct a better future.

David Baird has been a professional artist since 1990. His artwork has been exhibited in over 50 venues across the country, including seven museums. He has had solo exhibitions in Washington DC, Las Vegas Nevada, Paris, France and Mittersill, Austria. His work has won several awards and has been recognized by Peter Frank—Village Voice; Jane Aldin— Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; George P. Schneider—The Art Institute of Chicago; Beth Handler— Museum of Modern Art, NYC; Phyllis Braff—The New York Times; Fiona Ragheb— Guggenheim Museum, NYC; Helen Harrison—Pollack-Krasner House; Lisa Phillips and David Kiehl, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. David is currently a professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Fine Arts.

“Adaptations and Lamentations” will surprise gallery visitors with a timely, contemplative, visually dynamic encounter. We suggest that you spend time with the individual works which best capture your personal experiences this past year, as well as your aspirations for 2022.