5 Steps to using VR (Virtual Reality) in Real estate today

We have all heard how the VR industry is going to change everything in the next few years, and it will. Much of this is in the long term though, once the masses all have VR viewers, and it’s normal for everyone to use them. As a matter of fact, Realtor.org said VR headsets will be the #1 game changer in the industry. Inman recommends listing agents to take action and start getting 3D tours done.

Inman : In 2017 Virtual reality and 3-D listings will skyrocket

Realtor.com : Game changer #1: VR Headsets

Here, we’ll cover the 5 steps to using (virtual reality) VR in real estate today.
There are opportunities to use VR in real estate today that were not present even 6 months ago. Think about it like starting a youtube channel when youtube was just gaining traction, that’s where we are with VR.
Those in the industry who take advantage of those opportunities will become the proof source and be the industry thought leaders in the space, virtual and real.

Here are the 5 steps to use VR today as a Real estate agent

  • Step 1. Get a VR viewer

There are many VR viewers in the market today, they range from $10 to over a thousand dollars. We will be more focused on the most affordable viewers that provide the introduction to VR for most consumers and they use a mobile smart phone which most people already have.
Getting a VR viewer is the first step because if you have not experienced a home tour in VR, then you don’t know the power of virtual reality and why it will change everything in the near future. We recommend getting a set from Unofficialcardboard.com as they are affordable and their quality is great and their viewers are easy to use and set up.
Once you have your VR viewer, go to our website to take a VR home tour of some of the recent homes captured in 3D/VR, select the home to tour in vr and follow the on screen instructions – www.touritnow.com/VR

  • Step 2. Show off a VR home tour during your next client meeting

Now that you have your VR viewer and you’ve experience the home tours though our website, it’s time to share the the experience with a buyer, seller, or anyone you want to impress. Simply letting them know that this will become part of the process in the future of home buying will show them you are ahead of the pack in technology and the industry. The reason why it is important that you share this experience with your clients is because they’ll remember it and remember the agent who shows it, VR really helps convey emotion and provides context to the pictures and videos of homes.
Later, once VR is ubiquitous, they’ll remember that their first experience into VR was because of you, causing you to stand out and be remembered. Our 3D tours are already helping agents win more listings, and this will help even more.

  • Step 3. Get a 3D tour and VR conversion for Android devices (VR for iOS Coming soon)

Congratulations, you got the listing and stood out as a marketing genius. Now, it’s time to get the 3D tour and VR conversion to market it to the masses. Once we do a 3D tour and VR conversion you’re ready to start marketing that home and yourself as the leading agent in your market. Letting people know they can tour the home in VR and to provide their info for a VR headset with the home tour. Click on the calendar above when you’re ready to book your 3D tour.

  • Step 4. Purchase Branded VR viewers

By now, people will be reaching out and asking, “ how can I see this home in VR”. Nobody wants to be driving through traffic, using up their Saturday visiting open houses, or coming in from far distance to see one house they may really like if there are alternatives.
The best way to capture the lead and get more business will be with some branded VR viewers that have your information, easy access to your listings and website to show them why to work with you.

We can help with helping you create branded VR viewers and establishing your VR portfolio of properties so your potential clients have easy access to your most recent 3D/VR listings. Contact us here

  • Step 5. Using the branded VR viewer to make the biggest impact

The VR viewers can be used as your business card, but that would be very expensive. The ways mentioned below are the ones that will bear the most value and will be absolutely worth it.

Scenario 1. During your listing presentation.
While discussing your marketing plan you can show them a VR home tour of a previous listing and how your marketing is designed to reach millennial, international, remote, local buyers, to get more eyes on the property without disturbing the sellers. This will increase qualified traffic. Once you get the listing, leave a VR viewer with them so they can explore your past listings, and show their friends and family.

Scenario 2. Online Marketing.
Showing online audiences that your listing is available to be viewed in VR and requesting contact information for a free VR viewer. Once a buyer inputs their information requesting a VR viewer, you can screen and prequalify before you deliver the headset, thus gaining a lead and distributing a marketing piece.

Scenario 3. During an open house
When you come across a neighbor at the open house, you can then provide a VR viewer to them with your contact info asking them to pass it on to someone they know letting them know they can help select their future neighbor. This will help make you stand out and help sell the home, all while impressing a neighbor on your with your marketing plan. Who do you think they’ll remember when it’s time to sell?

Scenario 4. If the budget allows,
Distribute the VR viewers during a mega open house, client party, or a specific group of homes that you farm. The VR viewer and other content will be seen as different than everyone else in your area and as a leader in marketing and the industry.

Scenario 5. Have a booth at venue 
Showing off the 3D and VR tour will set you as a marketing expert, looking ahead to help buyers and sellers and attracting more leads. Use it to your benefit, or your competition will. 

Now that you know how to use VR in the industry to your advantage today, take action. Request your free VR viewer from us below so we can help you be ahead of the pack in marketing and the industry. I know you’ll impress buyers and sellers and get more listings when utilizing our guide effectively.

(If you’re a San Diego County or Orange County Real estate professional Request your free VR viewer here)


Carlos Hernandez
Founder and CEO